QLM has become the Hungarian distributor of MiMA

Mima poszt eng

The range of products distributed by QLM has expanded with a new brand. The complete product line of the Chinese manufacturer MiMA, known for its quality electric forklifts, is now available to Hungarian companies as well. MiMA forklifts, with 8 categories and over 50 models, satisfy a wide range of material handling needs, ranging from general-purpose forklifts to specialized four-way and multiway forklifts.

The innovation of MiMA’s four-way forklifts provides an excellent solution for many Hungarian companies for transporting long materials, large-sized sheets, or amorphous products in confined spaces. The wheels of MiMA’s four-way forklifts are individually driven by separate motors, allowing them to move in multiple directions without a turning radius, regardless of the forklift’s position. MiMA’s multiway forklifts have even finer maneuvering capabilities, as they can move in any direction within 360 degrees without changing the position of the machine.

While Crown forklifts, distributed by QLM, are advantageous for specifically intensive use exceeding 2000 operating hours per year in a multi-shift operational environment, MiMA forklifts become a good choice for applications with a maximum of 600 operating hours per year. For applications falling within the range between these two running time categories, our experts recommend forklifts that have participated in Crown’s premium refurbishment program.

With the distribution of MiMA products, the range of electric material handling solutions offered by QLM has become complete, providing an ideal choice for all domestic market players. MiMA entered the forklift market in 1994 and now distributes its equipment not only in numerous European countries but also worldwide, holding the most important international certifications.

In addition to distribution, the entire service support is provided by the expert team of QLM. The complete range of MiMA products is available in QLM’s portfolio, with the most popular forklifts being stocked in Hungary permanently, and for specific requirements, they are served directly from the manufacturer with short lead times.